The work begins the moment you reach out to me for a session.

As with any consultation, we begin with what’s arising for you in the Now. I’ll check in with my compassionate helping spirits to ascertain if I can be helpful. If we are a good fit, and it’s a good time for the healing work, I will  evaluate what piece of healing will be most beneficial for you at this point of your journey. 
In addition to energy work, depending on what I perceive, some practices I offer may include:​


We can borrow a word from somatic therapy–organicity—to understand that the human organism has an innate drive toward healthy functioning. If you have been exploring your own energetic field, you’ve probably noticed that you gravitate towards areas that need healing: these can feel like anomalies, blockages, disruptions, contraction, physical pain, or emotional barriers.

Shamanic extraction is an ancient method of spiritual surgery that involves the practitioner merging with a compassionate helping spirit and seeing with the “strong eye” that which doesn’t belong in your field. From an energy work frame, particularly the Barbara Brennan model, we would conceptualize this as removal of astral objects. Once removed, the energy returns to flowing how it wants to flow, how it flows freely and healthily when nothing impedes the flow.


Over the years in my psychotherapy practice, I often encountered clients who struggled with chronic depression or anxiety symptoms that didn’t respond to traditional interventions. Sometimes it was hard for the person to articulate why they felt like they did, but when asked, they could usually sense that what they experiened didn’t feel like it originated with, or belonged to, them as an individual.

In my Shamanic training, I’ve come to see what’s happening in the non-ordinary reality realm often has to do with the client being in connection with someone who is no longer alive. This being hasn’t been able to make it all the way to the upper or lower worlds, and find themselves stuck in an interworld. These beings rarely know that they are no longer alive, and they aren’t actively malicious. Instead they feel disoriented and unsure of how to change their situation. By working with them compassionately, and with their permission, we are able to help them go to the place of their choice. 


When wearing my other professional hat, that of clinicial psychotherapist, I was trained in Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model, and later in Janina Fisher’s adaptation of IFS for  people with severe developmental trauma.

 While Schwartz himself acknowledges that IFS  belongs to an ancient lineage of Shamanic healing, I have found that honoring the lineage by working with compassionate helping spirits in a direct, non-secularized way leads to profound results.

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing technique that literally brings back parts of us that have split off during traumatic experiences. Calling back these splintered off parts of ourselves  infuses us with  balance  and  restores our personal power. 


One of the most profound and most humbling experiences of my life has been helping people learn how to journey and how to connect with their own compassionate helping spirits.

Clients have consistently given me the feedback that they are able to enter deeper states of direct shamanic experience while I hold space for them. If people get lost or confused in the journey, it’s common for me to go into hand movements that open up new areas of exploration.

Additionally, clients have shared with me that when they aren’t sure of their next steps, they suddenly see me or energetically sense me (in the form of one of my compassionate animal spirits), leading the way towards further healing. If you’ve tried journeying but haven’t found the kind of results you would like, consider the possibility that your compassionate helping spirits have nudged you to find a guide. As Rumi wrote “What you seek is seeking you.”


When I first began practicing energy work and shamanism, it felt like every book I read, every class I took, and every metaphysical person I talked to was clairvoyant (able to see images and get information visually), and/or received direct communications from their guides. To me it sounded like people were being shown movies and having conversations with spiritual messengers. I always felt like I was different from everyone else and couldn’t find a tradition or lineage that fit me.

Over time, I began to understand how I get my information, and developed practices for opening up. I would love to help clear any blocks you’re encountering as you work to strengthen your High Sense Perception. Through our work you will come into contact with your Higher Self, and your Angels, Teachers, and Compassionate Helping Spirits. I will teach you how to deepen into you own intuition, wisdom, and highest information in the way that is uniquely yours, and exactly right for you.


Inspired by the work of Tom Kenyon, Wendy Kennedy and Louise Kay, I feel that it’s an absolutely astonishing time to be a human. 

While traveling my own path, I started to have direct experiences with benevolent multidimensional beings (beings connected to the energy of the Pleiades, Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, and Hathors, amongst others). 

Although I think of myself as a skilled researcher, it was extremely difficult to find coherent information that resonated with my own experience (and frankly it was a bit disconcerting to be having these experiences without any reference points for what was happening, even within my healing communities of Shamans and energy workers!)

If you are a Starseed (or are having experiences with multidimensional beings), I would be honored to accompany you on your path and assist in any way that will be for your highest good and highest potential.