“What You Seek Is Seeking You.” -Rumi

Having reflected deeply on how to describe the alternative sessions I offer, what I’ve come to is that any language I use might be partially illuminating, but never quite inclusive enough—always only an incomplete gesture to what takes place in the space between me & you.

Because I myself have, over the years, benefited from energy work and Reiki and Healing Touch I’ve received, and because I’ve trained in these modalities, and have found priceless benefit from working with the chakras,  it’s tempting to call myself an energy worker, and to acknowledge that I often work in a way that draws from Barbara Brennan practices.

Alternately, since I also attribute some of my most profound shifts to working with shamanic practitioners, and undertaking advanced shamanic training, and because shamanism is a broad category of practice, I have at times delineated various shamanic practices that might come up in a session: shamanic journeys, soul retrievals, extractions, ancestral healing. 

Because of transformative personal experiences, and my respect for people like Tom Kenyon, there are terms like “multidimensional healing” that appeal to me.  Frankly,  I think I am drawn to this term precisely because of its  non-specificity. It feels so vague and uncommon as to be barely recognizable or comprehensible in our everyday English language. I sense I could get away with using this term, but that I would not particularly be saying anything at all. 

Most alluring, since it’s the tradition I’ve participated in  the longest, is to label what I do as a form of mindfulness and meditation. When I inquire deeply with myself, I recognize that “mindfulness” feels safest and most familiar because of the secularization of the term in our contemporary culture. It seems to evoke less fear and confusion in people—in the same way that if I were offering a yoga class I would not be afraid of people judging me, dismissing me, or thinking I was delusional or psychotic at worst, “woo woo” at best.

But what I have come to understand for myself is that there is no need to hide, no need to come from a place of fear, no need to try to shape or control your impression of me or what I offer. 

There is an element of the unarticulatable—the mystery—to deep contact. This contact goes beyond any form or system or language. One person I’ve worked with calls his sessions “Soul to Soul Companion” sessions, which I love. For me, I am recognizing that I do not have to hide myself or muffle the traditions and lineages on which I draw, which have hugely influenced me—at the same time as having no need to limit these offerings. Perhaps a useful metaphor is that we all can acknowledge the undergraduate or graduate institutions we attended, while also knowing in our bones that we as individuals are so much more than where we went to school, or whether we went to school, or how prestigious the institution. The experiences and influences we’ve had shape us, but it is our conscious awareness itself that is of interest to me. 

To this end I invite your curiosity and will answer any questions you have—about me, about how I practice, about my training. I might have answers that take the form of words, or I might gesture to “the mystery”, and we can drop into the healing silence together.

I can tell you, for instance, that when I am in states of deep meditation, where energy flows freely through me, my body moves. I often feel trauma release from the body as literal shaking, like a puppy dog who has just jumped off the couch. Sounds and tones often come out of my mouth, and these seem to allow energy to settle, move if it’s been frozen, and integrate.

For me these visible and audible gestures and communications are indications of being in the flow, of being connected to right-brain-dominant-experiential processing. 

I’ve learned to trust the inherent wisdom in these communications, in listening to my system and allowing my system to show me the path towards non-suffering.

The courageous people who have worked with me and with their own systems in this way tell me that they find more clarity, coherence, and compassion when they relate to their systems in this ‘allow’ mode. Being in these states seems to silence the harsh inner critic, and to quiet the insatiable, suffering egoic mental chatter. 

What matters most to me is embodying an open-hearted way of being in the world, of inhabiting presence, connection and safety. When we have the felt sense that someone is deeply accompanying us, the path back to the heart—the place of patience and peace within—becomes clear. 


Session Length: varies according to your preference and what is arising

Initial Sessions can take place over the phone or Zoom

Cost: Suggested donation of $50 per half hour