What Clients Have Shared



“I just want to say thank you. I have never experienced the feelings I did this afternoon during our session. I have never felt whole, or complete, or enough, but I experienced all of that today for the first time in my life. I’m crying as I write this because it’s so true and overwhelmingly beautiful. 

This journey has been and continues to be mind blowing and expanding, and as hard or scary as it has been at times I lean into it and welcome what comes to me. 
My life has transformed over the past couple years to a place I’d only dreamt about. A place I never thought was possible for me to reach. I’m in this place, now, in large part due to your skill and patience as a cultivator of growth and healing.  

Thank you for offering a reality I hadn’t considered. 
And thank you for showing me that there is space to heal and accept things that in the past I saw as impossible. 
Today has truly been life changing.” 

– M.S.

“My session with Michelle was very powerful. In my experience, effective somatic work requires that a healer be able to follow the process as it unfolds in the body, and I was deeply impressed with the way that Michelle was able to hold space, and follow the movement of energy and unwinding of the body in a phone session. She clearly has an intuitive sense of how energy can be helped to move, and how to honor and facilitate that process in her clients. I highly recommend her for her kind nature and her capacity to work somatically with distance clients. She is a gifted healer!”

-Z.R., Intuitive & Meditation Teacher

“Sessions with Michelle are life-changing. I could feel blocks that have been with me for years shift. She brings a depth of true compassion and offers healing and transformation.

When I think of the person reading this testimonial, searching for support, I think “take heart!  You’ve found someone amazing.  Michelle has an incredible range of training and tools, she has the clear mind to see what is helpful, and she has the tender heart to care for you.”

G.C., Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner

“I had a very interesting experience with Michelle! I wasn’t sure what to expect or do initially, but she was so welcoming and invited me to think and speak about whatever was most on my mind at the time. We decided on a topic and she lead me through visualizations and prompted me when I wasn’t sure what to focus on or think about next. I was so comfortable in her presence and felt very in-tune with my body and emotions throughout the session. She is well-versed in many techniques from different traditions, and she was great at sensing my mood and adapting to me. Whatever you are looking for, I think Michelle can help you find it.”

E.S., Programmer & Yoga Teacher